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Rum chocolate sandwich cookies

These chocolate cookies aka "Paleuri" are another favorite dessert from my childhood. Even if you can find them easily at any patisserie shop,every mom has the recipe written down in her notebook or scribbled down on a notebook page and kept in a box as my mother used to do.
     The recipe is very simple and calls for equal amounts of sugar and butter which are creamed together. Eggs are added one at a time,beating well after each addition,it's important to beat well to get a fluffy batter so the cookies will rise a bit and will be tender.To me chocolate ganache(but you can use any filling of your choice) is the perfect filling for these little treats and a small doze of booze carries additional flavor to the cookies.They are truly delicious and the next day are more tender no wonder why they go so fast!!

yield:35-40 cookies

Ingredients: 240g all-purpose flour200g unsalted butter,soften200g icing sugar2 L eggs1tsp vanilla extractpinch of salt
Ganache filling: 150g dark…

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