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Walnut pie crust

Have you ever used or thought to use walnuts to make a pie crust?  If you haven't made it before, you don't know what you've missed😛
I love walnuts and I use lots of them in my recipes but if don't like the walnuts you can substitute them with hazelnuts or pecans. Personally,for this recipe I prefer walnuts. I made a pie crust with hazelnuts too,tastes good but with walnuts is even better.
The walnuts improve the flavor of the crust and add a nutty note to the pastry don't omit them just adjust the amount of walnuts according to your taste.
I used this recipe to make some mini apple pies a few weeks ago,we went for a birthday party and I thought those little treats will delight them.....and everyone asked me what I put in the pasty😊 This buttery,flaky,melt in your mouth pie crust recipe is a keeper and I will be making again and again!I hope you guys will love this recipe as much as we do.

Ingredients for crust: 240g all-purpose flour 140 g unsalted butter(83% fa…

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